Car park

ADR road tractors transporting dangerous products

  • each tractor is equipped with a compressor to unload the cistern through pressure up to 2.5 Bar

Single-chamber and multiple-chamber ADR cisterns with the L4BH cistern code and volume of 30-34 m3

  • single-chamber cisterns have all baffle piers
  • all cisterns are isolated

Six-chamber cisterns transporting driving fuels

  • equipped with a measurement device and a pumping device for above-ground tanks with the possibility to load reversel

single-chamber ADR containers with the L4BH cistern code

  • the cisterns contain baffle piers with the volume of 30-35 m3
  • all cistern containers have baffle piers
  • all cistern containers are isolated

20-feet ADR cistern chasses

equipped with 2-3 hoses to unload chemical liquids

equipped with reductions of various types of attachment with various diameter sizes


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